Vivir lo nuestro – Marc Anthony & La India


Full arrangement includes:

trumpet 1
trumpet 2
trombone 1
trombone 2
full score



Vivir lo nuestro has been such a big hit – but against all odds.
I don’t recall a Salsa-hit of that magnitude before Vivir lo nuestro  that features a complete pop structure and a montuno section. The song itself is quite long (over 6min) and the montuno doesnt start before somewhere around 3;50. This hasn’t been done before that!!!
I remember when Adalberto Alvarez cover the song on one of his albums  everybody criticized Sergio George for stealing a great Cuban song. Although many New York Salsa bands did “borrow” repertoire from Cuba’s hit machine Sonora Matancera or Orquesta Aragón quite regularly, this time the critics were wrong. It’s Sergio’s production and all the credits go to him for having the guts to stretch the form of Salsa so much towards Pop music and add a coro pregón section, go way over 6 minutes and have a mega hit!!! Brilliant!