Frequently Asked Questions

How are the charts delivered?

The charts will be delivered through email. In that email you will find a download link which will directly download either a ZIP-files if you purchased the whole arrangement or a single PDF file if you purchased a single instrument chart.  Zip files can be open on most computers by simply double clicking them.

Will I receive the charts right away?

Yes, immediately after purchase is completed and payment is received you will receive an email with a link ready to download your charts.

In which file format are the charts delivered?

All charts are in standard PDF format. The size is A4. Most computers have a PDF-reader installed by default. The most common one is Adobe Reader with can be downloaded for free.

Will the charts work on my tablet (iPad, Galaxy etc)?

Most tablet can read PDFs by default. Maybe you need an app to display PDFs. Browse the app store for PDF readers and I’m sure you will find what you need.

Are there any restrictions concerning printing?

No restrictions here 🙂 You can print them an unlimited amount of times.

Is there a copy protection?

No. All charts can be opened without a password.

Do I have to buy the whole arrangement, or can I just purchase a single instrument chart?

Yes. That’s a great feature of LatinScores.com. All product pages feature a Select Menu where you can select only the part you require.

What if the song is not in my key?

Don’t worry! Contact me for any specific changes you would like to have done including key changes. Click here for prices

I can’t find a song, does it mean you don’t have it?

No it doesn’t. Our catalog is updated constantly. We simply might not had the time to put it online yet 🙂

Contact me if you have a specific request and I see what I can do for you.

Do I need to set up an account to purchase?

Yes. An account is created when purchasing a chart on LatinScores.com. This enables you to re-download your purchases anytime from anywhere.

How can I transpose a chart?

The charts are delivered in PDF format. This format doesn’t allow transposition. But don’t hesitate to contact me for any specific changes you would like to have done. I will sort you out.

Do I have to print my purchased charts right away or can I access them from anywhere?

Just log in to you account at Latinscore.com and re-download and print your charts from anywhere you like. Great feature, right?

Do I need a specific software to open and print the charts?

Any standard PDF reader will work. The most common one is Adobe Reader with can be downloaded for free. Apple Mac’s come standard with “Preview” which works totally fine.

Are these charts approved by the original arrangers?

No. These charts are transcriptions made by myself or other professional musicians/arrangers. They are done with the highest standards and professional players in mind. But nonetheless they are transcriptions and even sometimes adapted to suit a broader group of customers.

What do you mean by “No recording permissions are granted”?

When purchasing a chart at LatinScores.com you don’t buy the rights to record the music. In order to do so I recommend to contact the publisher of the tune you would like to record to get permission. Don’t worry. Rights are often granted.

How do I change my password?

In the footer of each page you find under the menu My Account a link to change your password.