LATINSCORES.COM • A new place for high quality, Latin sheet-music.

I always wondered why it’s still so difficult to find good quality, professional sheet-music for Latin-Music online. Yes, plenty of Brazilian music has been published in beautiful Songbooks and there is a great collection of songs in The Latin Realbook, which I strongly recommend.
But still, throughout the past 20 years I regularly receive requests by many musicians for band charts, transcriptions, arrangements and adaptations of all kinds, for their gigs, workshops and lessons.
It seems that there is no real alternative yet to transcribing the music tediously yourself. No one-stop solution to find great charts for a Salsa band, Latin-Jazz combo or Latin Big Band.

Latinscores.com hopes to be that place for professional and amateur musicians alike to get their fix of Latin sheet-music for their performance-, study- and teaching purposes.

Even music teachers in high-schools and music-schools that wish to include  Latin music in their curriculum will find adequate material for their needs.

Salsa, Latin-Jazz and related genres often use complex arrangements which makes it hard for the average musician to transcribe accurately. It’s a very time-consuming job, that not everybody is willing to do. Life is busy as it is.

All charts offered here for purchase are transcribed carefully by myself or other professional musicians and arrangers for the purpose of performing and/or teaching and have been used and performed in real-bands in real concerts.

I am strong believer that the learning of a genre or style can be improved drastically by using good quality charts. Performers, band-leaders, teachers and students have now a trusted place to purchase high quality Latin sheet-music through latinscores.com.


Marc Bischoff

I am a pianist, composer/arranger and producer for World Music and Jazz. I worked as a music educator at Codarts (Conservatory of Rotterdam, The Netherlands) for over 15 years.

You can read about my activities as a pianist and arranger here.