Amor mio no te vayas – Gilberto Santa Rosa


Full arrangement includes:

trumpet 1
trumpet 2
trombone 1
trombone 2
baritone sax



Amor mio no te vayas was released in 1991 on Gilberto’s album “Perspectiva” and was next to Conciencia one of that albums biggest hits. Few people know that this song is composed by Sara Gonzales and actually called Amor de milliones. (Click here to listen to Sara’s beautiful version in a traditional son-arrangement.)

In 1995 Gilberto released the album “En vivo en Carnegie Hall”. Which is quite remarkable because never before had a Puerto Rican singer of tropical music performed at Carnegie Hall!
That concert featured a new, more advanced version of Amor mio no te vayas . The transcription offered here is of that live recording, which offers many more details, especially the percussion-interaction with the lead vocals, which makes Gilberto’s band still today one of the worlds most spectacular live salsa-acts.

This is most definitely a pretty advanced chart for all players including the singer. Gilberto’s timing, phrasing and his pregónes are always masterful.  Amor mio no te vayas remains an all-time classic  and will move any salsa loving-crowd on the dance-floor. (plus its tons of fun to play! 🙂

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