Mi Tierra – Gloria Estefan


Full arrangement includes:

trumpet 1
trumpet 2
trombone 1
trombone 2
full score

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Isn’t it so that everybody you talk to about Latin music, even if they are no aficionados, they say: Hey, I have one latin-album! Mi Tierra by Gloria Estefan!
It must be the most know album among the average listener. What an accomplishment!! One of the few female mega-stars when it comes to latin singing. (And she has a whole Pop-carreer as well. Go Gloria!!). The title track of the album is arranged in a bomba rhythm from Puerto Rico with a salsa montuno added to it in the end. This one of those songs you never get tired of! So swinging, great arrangement, brilliant musicianship all over the place! (Come on: Cachao on Bass! And the timbales feature at the end is just a killer!!)

Get this one and never regret it. I promise!


Side note: The original song is set in C#minor. Not the easiest key for some unexperienced players. That’s why I chose to transpose the song to Cminor which should suit a broader range of players.) Always remember you can drop me a request for key changes.