Mata Siguaraya – Beny Moré


This is a free chart for you to enjoy. The download consists of two parts. One for male and one for female singers.



Mata Siguaraya is a a world-famous Afro composed by Lino Frías and immortalized by the great Beny Moré.  Also it was revived in the 80s by Oscar D’Leon, a self-proclaimed huge admirer of Beny Moré.

The song is about a sacred tree from Cuba in which, so is believed, reside the 7 powers, (siete potencias) or better said the 7 orishas Elegguá, Obatalá, Changó, Oggún, Orunla, Ochún y Yemayá.

Without permission it it not allowed to fell the tree, the coro proclaims.

There seems to be a little confusion about the correct lyrics of the coro. In Beny’s and Oscar’s version (which I assume are correct) they sing: “con permiso, yo va’a tumba'” (with permission, I will fell the tree.)
But in other versions you hear: “sin permiso, no va’a tumba” (without permission, I won’t fell the tree)

No matter what, this is a great Afro-Son with a beautiful swinging montuno. Enjoy. It’s free 😉