El Ratón – José “Cheo” Feliciano


Full arrangement includes:

trombone 1
trombone 2



“El Ratón” is to Cheo Feliciano what “Lloraras” is to Oscar D’ Leon or maybe more like what “Satisfaction” is to the Rolling Stones. They could never perform without playing their greatest hit.
Although originally recorded by Cheo with the Joe Cuba’s Sextet, the more commonly know version is actually this one recorded by Fania All Stars.

The chart available here is a transcription of the original version by Joe Cuba but “enhanced” with two trombones instead of the vibraphone.
This arrangement, although apparently very basic and suitable for beginners, requires quite some vocal skills. Cheo’s timing is legendary and the song is not easy to sing.

Very recommended for workshops and high-school ensembles.