Del barrio obrero a la 15 – Willie Rosario


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 Willie Rosario, Puerto-Rican timbalero, band leader, composer and arranger had a nickname: Mr. Afinque!
Afincar in spanish means: to play very tight. Willie Rosario was famous for his tight and steady groove but also tight way of leading the band. His biggest hit “Del Barrio Obrero a la 15” was actually written by Trinidad Clemente and talks about the workers-neighbourhood in San-Juan, Puerto Rico, where a bus passed through which had many stops, one of them, the 15th stop,  was actually quite far away from the district “Obrero”.
However the chorus sings: from the “Obrero” district to the 15th stop is just a step, which is meant ironically.
The song however got quickly adopted by the people of Cali, Colombia, due to the fact that in Cali exists a neighbourhood called “Obrero” too. And its actual nearness to the 15th street, which at the time, had a vibrant nightlife, gives the chorus a totally different meaning and that makes it all the more fun to play!

Enjoy this classic major-hit Son Montuno arranged for two trumpets!

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